What does it take to ensure the persistence of digital information for a really long time?

It takes...

  • An awareness that there are many dangers to account for, but the most common reasons for real-world data loss are active attacks and user errors.
  • Systems that are resilient to all of these threats, and that can resist, detect, and repair damage before all copies of the data are compromised.
  • Social investment and community commitment, to endure beyond the lifespan of any individual institution.
  • A recognition that digital preservation is only as sustainable as its funding. Preservation costs should be as low as possible, and temporary funding gaps should not endanger data.

With these insights in mind, Stanford Libraries launched the LOCKSS Program. For nearly two decades, the LOCKSS Program has empowered institutions and communities to robustly preserve for themselves the digital materials that matter to them.

We have done so through foundational research, innovative software development, reliable service and support, community alignment and participation, and an overriding commitment to ensuring the persistence of digital information for a really long time.

We can help your institution or community preserve the digital materials that matter to you, and welcome you to learn more about our initiative, community, and service offerings at www.lockss.org.