CHIPC 2015


Discussion topics:

  • End-to-end workflow
  • Large format digitization and stitching
  • 3D imaging
  • Book-scanning technologies and techniques
  • High volume slide and film digitization
  • Practical applications of FADGI, Metamorphoze and targets
  • Image QC workflow and techniques
  • Automating digitization workflow
  • Strategies for publishing content
  • Organizational issues and techniques
  • Outreach
  • Funding and sustainability
  • Statistics and metrics


Digipalooza cruise directors arranged a number of social events for attendees:

  • Stanford-hosted dinner at Tacolicious in Downtown Palo Alto
  • Stanford-provided lunch from local catering truck Chow Bow
  • Happy hour on the patio, inlcuding a chocolate tasting of samples from local and international chocolatiers

Additionally, on the afternoon on the last day, we participated in an optional four hour workshop on photogrammetry and other computational photography methods, offered by our friend Carla Schroer of Cultural Heritage Imaging. There is growing interest in our community in 3D capture and related technologies, and this was an opportunity to advance our understanding and skills in this area.

Social Media

Attendees used #chipcon2015 in their various social feeds.