About our donors

Donors help make our outstanding engineering research collection possible. In addition to the notable collections gifted to us, we have a number of endowed funds that enhance our collection budget. We thank our donors for providing this special support.

Funds that support us

  • Edward Sun Ahn Endowed Book Fund for Chemical Engineering
  • James R. (Richmond) Barnes Memorial Fund
  • Carl Breer Library Endowment Fund for Automotive and Vehicular Mechanical Engineering
  • Gordon B. & Mary L. Crary Endowed Book Fund for Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications
  • Philip B. Gallagher Memorial Fund for Radio Science
  • Kenneth and Connie Hess Endowed Book Fund
  • Melvin Leigh Ho Memorial Fund for Civil Engineering
  • F. Warren Munro Civil Engineering Memorial Fund
  • Ralph Cather Myers Fund for General Engineering
  • Hiroshi Herbert Nishino Memorial Fund for Acoustics and Sound Engineering
  • Peter T. Robustelli Jr. Book Fund for Engineering & Computer Science
  • Ralph S. Rose Fund for Civil Engineering
  • Clayton Sundermeyer Endowed Book Fund for Operations Research
  • Richard and Sharon Thomas Endowed Book Fund for General Science & Engineering
  • Cecil van Asch van Wyck Endowed Book Fund for Mechanical Engineering
  • Bradley W. Wyatt Memorial Fund for Civil Engineering

How to donate to the Terman Engineering Library

If you are interested in donating funds to the Terman Engineering Library please contact the Library Development Office at 650-723-3866 or visit their website. The Terman Engineering Library also welcomes small donations of scholarly materials. If you have items you would like to donate, please email us directly at or call us at (650) 723-0001.