Collection Emergency Response and Recovery

Responding to a Collection Emergency

To report an emergency affecting library collection

1.  Before taking any action, be sure you are not endangering yourself.
     Avoid unstable structures, radiation hazards, electrical wires, toxic fumes, chemical spills, fire, etc.

2.  Do not jeopardize your life or the lives of others in attempting to save personal or university property.

3.  Call the SUL Facilities Department at 721-5559


Until help arrives:

Response to collection damage will occur only after any injuries have been attended to and the building is safe to enter.

Most emergency situations that require rapid response involve water.  The following guidelines assume that the scope of the emergency will permit effective response.  Use caution in flooded areas that might contain electrical cables, exposed wiring, circuit-breaker boxes, etc.

  • If water from overhead:  If possible, move materials to a dry location or to shelves using book trucks.  Do not place materials on the floor.  If only a relatively small number of volumes are affected, move materials from top shelves to lower shelves first.  Otherwise, cover books with plastic sheets stored in the library specifically for water emergencies.
  • If water is rising from the floor:  Move material from the lowest shelves to higher shelving or higher floors.  Use book trucks to speed the move.