Special, Unique, and Rare! Technology on March 7

March 3, 2023
Sarah B Sussman
Zonca, Vittorio. Nouo teatro di machine et edificii. Padua, 1621.

The Humanities and Area Studies curators are organizing a monthly pop-up exhibit series highlighting the depth and diversity of Stanford Libraries' collections.

Come join us next Tuesday, March 7, from 2-4pm in Green Library, Hohbach Hall Room 123 to see what we've selected relating to TECHNOLOGY! Here at the center of Silicon Valley, Stanford Libraries' collections document a the development of new technologies, be they mechanical, digital, or entirely speculative. How have people throughout the centuries invented devices that have changed how we interact with our society and the natural world? We'll have examples from around the world, from the 16th century to the present day - stop by to be inspired!

Special, Unique, and Rare! is a monthly series held on the 2nd Tuesday of most months, from 2-4pm in Hohbach Hall. Each month we will explore the collections through a different theme.