Special, Unique, and Rare! Passion on February 7th

January 31, 2023
Sarah B Sussman
L'Espion Libertin Ou Le Calendrier Du Plaisir, 1803.
It's February - the month of romance. Tuesday, February 7th, from 2-4PM in the Hohbach Seminar Room (126) stop by our latest pop-up exhibit to find your PASSION.  
Passion has many meanings, not just romantic and sensual. Intense enthusiasm? Religious fervor? Physical desire? Burning love? All of the above? Our exhibit of special items from the Library’s collections showcases creative interpretations of passion from around the world and across time.
Special, Unique, and Rare! is a monthly series held on the first Tuesday of most months, from 2-4PM in Hohbach Hall. Join us each month as the Humanities and Area Studies curators explore the Libraries' collections through a different theme.