Special, Unique, and Rare! Textiles and Fashion on Nov. 8

October 25, 2022
Sarah B Sussman
Cours d'étude de fils; African commemorative cloth, Bakst czarevitch costume

The Humanities and Area Studies curators are organizing a monthly pop-up exhibit series highlighting the depth and diversity of Stanford Libraries' collections.

Come join us next Tuesday, November 8, from 2-4pm in the Hohbach Seminar Room (126) to see what we've selected relating to TEXTILES and FASHION

How have fashion and textiles been used throughout history by people to express themselves, advance technology, influence labor practices, and make political statements? We'll have examples from around the world - stop by to be inspired!

Special, Unique, and Rare! is a monthly series held on the 2nd Tuesday of most months, from 2-4pm in Hohbach Hall. Each month we will explore the collections through a different theme.