Visit the Archive of Recorded Sound during winter quarter online and in person

January 29, 2021
Nathan Coy
Phonograph horn

The Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound is holding online office hours and hosting limited in person visits.

The scheduled online office hours are Tuesday 4 to 5 PM PST and Thursday 1-2 PM PST, other times may be available upon request. In person research is is by appointment and is dependant upon review. To find out more, read on.

For online office hour appointments during scheduled hours fill out and submit this form. For other times please contact the Archive of Recorded Sound Staff.

In addition to virtual support, the Archive of Recorded Sound is happy to share we are now supporting in person research appointments for Stanford affiliates cleared for academic campus access. The criteria for onsite access at the Archive of Recorded Sound is as follows; establish a research need that may require onsite access on your own, through online office hours, or other method. Upon establishing a research need email the Archive of Recorded Sound staff or schedule an online office hour with the linked form. The staff will review the research access request and identify whether we are able to support the inquiry online or if we can only fulfill the request with an onsite visit. Then we will schedule the research visit(s) or provide online support.

To aid in planning we have an online guide to archival sound recordings to help you get started. Please also be aware that the request and pick up service for circulating materials is still active and materials can be picked up at Green library and select branches (it is not possible to page to the Music Library or the Archive of Recorded Sound at the time of posting).

While we at Archive of Recorded Sound want to see everyone in person and are optimistic about the future of in persons visits, in an abundance of caution we are taking this approach to keep potential contact at minimum for everyone’s benefit. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.