Inquisition documents and other new medieval and early modern acquisitions on display May 3rd

April 30, 2019
Kathleen M Smith
Inquisition document image

On Friday, May 3rd, 2019, there will be an Open House in the Barchas Room of Green Library featuring recent acquisitions in medieval and early modern manuscripts, printed books, and other new materials. One of the new items on display will be a collection of rare handwritten documents from fifteenth-century Bologna, a main center of Inquisition activity in Italy, related to trials and investigations involving Jews--which is unusual since the Inquisition in Italy focused more on combating Christian heresy.

Also from fifteenth-century Italy is a 1446 manuscript of Terence's Comedies. This manuscript was probably produced in Florence at a time in which classical learning was re-awakening throughout western Europe.

Other works on display include a 1632 Frisian ordinance covering instructions for convoys sailing from the Friesian islands to Scandinavia and back, with information about signals--flags by day, and lanterns by night; and a Latin treatise on ancient warfare featuring war engines, catapults, battering rams, and other tactics.

Or stop by to read Andrew Balfour's Letters Writen to a Friend:... Containing Excellent Directions and Advices for Travelling Thro' France and Italy... published in Edinburgh in 1700 and admire several books with prints by the renowned German artist Jost Amman!