Paging Warhol: An Exhibition of the Artist in Print at the Bowes Library

October 16, 2018
Exhibition case: Paging Warhol

Paging Warhol: An Exhibition of the Artist in Print

Bowes Art & Architecture Library

October 12, 2018–January 11, 2019

Curated by Richard Meyer, Robert and Ruth Halperin Professor in Art History and D. Vanessa Kam, Head Librarian, Bowes Art & Architecture Library.

On the occasion of Contact Warhol: Photography Without End at the Cantor Arts Center, Paging Warhol considers the appearance of the artist and his work in publications.  It features spreads from books including Andy Warhol’s Index, Screen Tests; a Diary and America as well as selections from the monthly, celebrity-strewn magazine, Interview, the artist published.  Also included are publications chronicling Andy Warhol’s life and art from books published after the artist’s death in 1987.

Paging Warhol demonstrates how Warhol’s art, photography, and sensibility extended far beyond the elite spaces of museums and galleries into the wider realms of print and popular culture. The exhibition also intimates how Warhol’s explorations of artworks in the guise of self- or trade- published books or magazines reflect a uniquely Warholian version of a creative collaboration.  Each publication is the result of a cast of editors, designers, fellow artists, friends, poets, filmmakers, and others who associated with Warhol, embodying a community coming to life in print. 

-RW and DVK