New exhibition at East Asia Library - Hand and Eye: Contemporary Reflections of East Asian Ceramic Traditions

September 20, 2018
Joshua Capitanio

In collaboration with the Center for East Asian Studies, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary at Stanford, the East Asia Library is hosting an exhibition of contemporary ceramics entitled "Hand and Eye: Contemporary Reflections of East Asian Ceramic Traditions."

The materials, methods and aesthetics of East Asian ceramics have evolved in diverse ways over thousands of years. This exhibition commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Center for East Asian Studies by bringing together contemporary works from leading Japanese and North American ceramists that highlight the vital legacy of inherited styles and techniques. These are displayed together with ceramics made by members of the campus community, as well as images that highlight Stanford connections with international centers of traditional ceramics practice at Utah State University and in Shigaraki, Japan. Selected books and museum catalogs have been set out as part of the exhibit to provide historical perspective on the origins of this vibrant art form.

This exhibition was curated by Hideo Mabuchi, Ellen Huang, and Tiger Zhou.  It is sponsored by the Center for East Asian Studies, together with the Cantor Arts Center, East Asia Library, Stanford Libraries, the Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford, the Department of Art & Art History, the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, and the Program in Ceramic Art, Science and Culture.

"Hand and Eye: Contemporary Reflections of East Asian Ceramic Traditions" will be on view in the 2nd floor exhibit space at the East Asia Library from September 10 - December 14.  For more details, please visit the Stanford Events webpage.

A joint reception will be held at the Hoover Tower on October 10 to celebrate the opening of this exhibition together with the Hoover Institution's "East Asia at Hoover: Collections of Ware, Revolution, & Peace" exhibition.  For details on the reception, please visit the Stanford Events webpage.

This exhibit is a special presentation for the Center for East Asian Studies’ 50th Anniversary.  Learn more about the history of CEAS and the importance of East Asian Studies at the CEAS anniversary website.