Vijoy Abraham named as Assistant Director for CIDR

May 23, 2018
Vijoy Abraham

Vijoy Abraham, the Stanford Libraries’ long-time Academic Technology Specialist at the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRISs), will assume the position of Assistant Director for the Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research (CIDR) on June 1, 2018.

Vijoy brings long experience in supporting social science research and, particularly, support for researchers through the entire data lifecycle.  He enjoys important connections across Stanford’s social science community.  His experience and knowledge of the research community’s data requirements will enable him to make an immediate impact as CIDR engages with the larger data initiatives currently under way at Stanford.

After many years of service in leading interdisciplinary digital services in the Stanford Libraries, Glen Worthey will continue to serve as the Libraries’ Digital Humanities Librarian.  He will also take on responsibilities as bibliographer for Philosophy and Linguistics.  Glen is recognized internationally as a leader in the digital humanities.  We will continue to rely on that expertise as the Libraries work to support digital scholarship across the university.

Glen has been at the head of CIDR since its inception.  He has given it direction and has created partnerships with faculty which have resulted in great research collaborations.  Under his direction, CIDR created a tremendously successful series of workshops in the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences that draw researchers from across the university.  I cannot thank Glen enough for his intelligent, service-oriented leadership in CIDR.

Chris Matson (Philosophy) and Anna Levia (Linguistics) have served as interim bibliographers for several years.  I also want to thank them for their professionalism and thoughtful service in supporting research in those departments.