Kevin Kishimoto wins publication award

February 7, 2018
Ray Heigemeir
MLA President Mark McKnight presents the Hill award to Kevin Kishimoto and Tracey Snyder

Kevin Kishimoto, Music Metadata Librarian, Stanford University Libraries, and Tracey Snyder, Music Catalog and Instruction Librarian, Cornell University Libraries, were presented with the Richard S. Hill Award for the best article on music librarianship or article of a music-bibliographic nature, at the 2018 annual meeting of the Music Library Association in Portland, Oregon.  Their article, “Popular Music in FRBR and RDA: Toward User-Friendly and Cataloger-Friendly Identification of Works,” Cataloging & Classification Quarterly  54, no. 1 (2016): 60-86 is available online to the Stanford community.

The committee wrote: "Kishimoto and Snyder’s article about cataloging popular music and music outside of the Western Art tradition is a thorough, well-written, and often humorous discussion of how strict adherence to cataloging models can lead to decisions that do not align with user expectations, while also causing workflow inefficiencies for the cataloger. The authors give not only an overview of the topic, but do so in accessible and approachable language. By discussing and considering multiple facets of the issues at hand, the authors suggest solutions that consider cultural practices within music cataloging, fit within user expectations, and provide for more practical efficiencies for the cataloger. It is a pleasure to present the Richard S. Hill award to Kevin and Tracy for their thorough and well-written article on cataloging popular music within FRBR and RDA."

Congratulations to Kevin and Tracey!