New exhibit creator documentation available for Spotlight at Stanford

September 20, 2018
Catherine A. Aster
Exhibits Documentation - an exhibit on how to create an exhibit

The Spotlight at Stanford service team is pleased to announce the publication of Exhibits Documentation, a new exhibit and guide to building Spotlight at Stanford exhibits. This "exhibit on exhibits" provides documentation and examples, alongside descriptions for how to create feature, browse, and about pages -- all on the Reference tab. 

Check out the widget documentation pages, chock-full of tips, videos and examples to help create informative pages that are easy to navigate and visually engaging. 

Those of you familiar with our previous documentation will find an updated version on the Strategy and Tips tab, beginning with Before You Start. Look for FAQs and other pages such as the one on Multilingual Exhibits for specialized guidance.

Don't miss the Sample Items, where you can find informative descriptions about how to usefully configure the display of items under each Browse category.

Exhibits Documentation is the result of a multi-month effort by a diligent service team who is focused on providing excellent user support for Spotlight at Stanford exhibits. Heartfelt thanks to all for their hard work: Gary Geisler, Amy Hodge, Josh Schneider, and Doris Cheung-Wu.


Cathy Aster

Catherine A. Aster

Senior Digital Library Services Manager, Digital Library Systems and Services
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