Locked Stacks Collection

The Art & Architecture Library's Locked Stacks Collection is composed of rare and unique materials from the history of art, architecture, and design. Holdings include medieval manuscript facsimiles, midcentury photography books, avant-garde European art journals, artists' books, historical archaeological reports, posters, prints, photographs, Chinese stone rubbings, nineteenth-century travel narratives, drawing manuals, architectural treatises, and more.

How to identify a Locked Stacks item:
In SearchWorks, materials that are housed in the Locked Stacks list "Art & Architecture Library > Locked Stacks" as their location. A yellow checkmark signifies that they do not circulate.

How to request a Locked Stacks item:
Locked Stacks items are not directly accessible to patrons. To view an item in this collection, please bring the call number--including the size designation (Small, Medium, Large, or Oversize) listed in the SearchWorks record--to the circulation desk. If a regular, permanent Bowes Art & Architecture Library staff member is available, he/she will promptly retrieve the item and prepare it for your viewing at the designated table in the Library.   Due to occasional staff shortages, particularly (but not exclusively) on nights and weekends, Bowes Art & Architecture Library staff members may not always be available to retrieve Locked Stack items for your immediate viewing.  Alternative arrangements will then need to be made, and will be scheduled as soon as a regular staff member is available to assist you.  We thank you for your understanding.  

Using a Locked Stacks item:
The staff member who prepares the item for viewing will instruct you in proper handling. However, these general guidelines must always be followed:

  • No food or liquids may be kept in the viewing area.
  • Pens may not be used in the viewing area.
  • Bags and backpacks must be kept off of the viewing table.
  • Photography without flash is permitted.

Restricted items:
A small number of items in the Locked Stacks Collection have been designated as "Locked Stacks (restricted access)." They are labeled as such in SearchWorks. Restricted items require a librarian's permission and supervision for use; therefore they may not always be available for immediate viewing. You may contact Head Librarian D. Vanessa Kam ahead of time if you have identified a restricted item that you wish to view.

Duplication by means other than photography without flash is permitted only at the discretion of the librarians. To inquire about copies and/or permission to publish, please contact D. Vanessa Kam, Head Librarian.

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