FAQ - Apple collections

Frequently asked questions about the Apple collections at Stanford.

Q.  I have an interesting item from my days working at Apple.  Do you know of a collector who would be interested in buying it? 
A.   There are several groups of hardware and software collectors whose mailing lists can be reached via Yahoo! or Google groups.  EBay is of course another outlet for sales of Apple-related memorabilia. We do not recommend specific vendors or collectors, but welcome contacts about potential gifts that add to Stanford's historical documentation about Apple's history.  

Q. I've been told that the Stanford Libraries maintain several collections of Apple Computer-related documents. I used to work for Apple and recently ran across several boxes of R&D documents from the 1980s. Is there some simple way to determine whether these documents would be worth adding to your collection?
A. Yes, please contact Henry Lowood, curator for history of science & technology collections.