Apple technology-related collections

This page gathers archival collections and documentation on the history of technology such as computer hardware and software developed at Apple Computer, Inc. (later: Apple, Inc.).

Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M1161
This collection includes Macintosh User Education, 1984 (2 binders); Macintosh software supplement, 1985; Macintosh buyers guide anniversary issue, 1984-1986; Macworld Expo/San Francisco program guide, 1989; and the Inmac catalog of Macintosh products, winter, 1990.
Jim Yurchenco of Hovey/Kelley Design was a key developer of the Apple mouse. Collection includes patent application, business correspondence, design drawings and plans, photographs. Also includes a short history of the mouse project at Apple written by Bill Lapson, 1982.
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M1400
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M1261
Chris Espinosa was director of documentation for the Macintosh project. He later spent a number of years working in Apple's marketing division.  The collection includes notebooks, 1988-1992; memos, 1979-1986; APPLE II and APPLE III operating, programing, and reference manuals, 1978-1983; Apple Resource dirctories, 1986-1988; three videos (Apple history in the making, 1991; Worldview demo, 1987; and Wild Card demo, 1987); three CD-ROMs (The Beta Release, 1990; The Apple reference & presentations library v4.0, 1990; and The virtual museum, 1992); two audio cassettes (Radio Apple, 1988); 55 floppy 5"-disks; and two t-shirts.
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M1867
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M1147
The Raskin papers include correspondence, print-outs of email, manuscripts of various articles authored by Raskin and his colleagues, appointment books, and various publications collected by Raskin, who, among other accomplishments, created the original Macintosh project at Apple.
Design materials from Jerrold Manock's career in product design engineering. Included are blue-line drawings, labeled artifacts such as design models, presentations, and documentation from various projects, particularly at Apple Computer. The bulk of the collection dates from 1977-1984.
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M1885
Leominster, MA : Gamebits (Ken Gagne)
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M1841
Juiced GS (1996-) is a quarterly print magazine dedicated to all models of the Apple II personal computer.
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M1258
Andy Hertzfeld was a member of the original Apple Macintosh team in 1981, at which time he designed and implemented much of the original Macintosh system software. This collection consists of color photocopies of his Macintosh design notebooks.
This collection documents Apple's VITAL project and consists of published documentation, marketing materials, presentations, and work documents in paper and electronic (on hard disks) forms. THIS COLLECTION IS CLOSED UNTIL PROCESSING IS COMPLETED.