Apple media and digital collections

Special Collections » University Archives » SCD0012
Includes commencement speech by Steve Jobs.
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M1400
Collection of Apple software, 1988-1993. Includes: 1. Apple CD-ROM Explorer, 1988. 2. Developer CD Series, Vol II, Phil and Daves Excellent CD, nd. 3.Media Vision Developers' CD Version 1.0, 1993. 4. Apple Developer Group. Developer CD Series. Vol. VIII, Desperately seeking seven, 1991. 5.Apple Developer Group. Developer CD Series. Vol. IX. Code Warrior, 1991. 6. Apple Developer Group. Developer CD series. Vol. XI. The silence of the roms, 1991. 7.Apple Developer Group. Macintosh system software. The May 1991 Golden Master release. System 7, 1991. 8. Information source, version 2.2 (owner's guide only; no discs), 1992.
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » MSS PHOTO 0451
Includes photographic materials such as prints, contact sheets, negatives and slides from award-winning photographer Douglas Menuez.  The collection consists of more than 250,000 images and offers visual documentation of a number of important Silicon Valley companies.  Several of Menuez' projects focused on life and work at Apple Computer and NeXT. 
Special Collections » University Archives » SC0504
Includes correspondence with Steve Jobs.
Cupertino, Calif. : Apple Computer, c1990.
Media & Microtext Center » Ask at Media Microtext desk » ZVC 7627
This is the videocassette release of a satellite broadcast aired on April 18, 1990.
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » MSS MEDIA 0012
This is a videorecording of a presentation by John Sculley as CEO of Apple in 1988; includes topics such as Hypercard and educational applications of microcomputers.
Originally released as a motion picture in 2008. Special features: DRM free digital version (iPod +iTunes compatible) 3 hrs. of interviews, making of featurette, trailers and more.